Weekly Bulletin 17 to 24 October

Schedule of Services

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Wednesday Scripture Study

Wednesday Scripture study takes place each Wednesday. We are reading the life of our God-bearing Father Luke of Simferopol. The link for joining is as follows:


Meeting ID: 816 2985 4019 | Passcode: 926265

Adult Catechism Classes

Adult Catechism Classes will be starting led by Father Stephen will begin during the Nativity Fast. This is especially for those who want to learn more or are on a journey to the Orthodox Christian Faith. To register please email Fr Dcn Panteleimon at info@shrewsburyorthodox.com.

Latest News

  • Visits of His Grace Bishop Maximos of Melitene
    We were very pleased to receive His Grace Bishop Maximos of Melitene on Friday 15 April when he came to our church for the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts. We had a good attendance for a Friday evening and five men came to meet the bishop with the possibility that they may be ordained deacon.  I am pleased to report that this may indeed happen and two
  • A song of Romanos the Melodist for the Feast of Palms
    Introductory Note The first Proemium and first Strophe are still used in the Triodion for Palm Sunday as Kontakion and Ikos. The second Proemium is used as the Ypakoe for the feast. It is written in the Plagal of the 2nd [6th] Tone. The basic texts from the Gospel are Matt. 21,1-17; Mark 11,1-18; Luke 19,29-46; John 12,12-19. FOR THE FEAST OF PALMS Acrostic:OF ROMANOS FOR THE PALMS Proemium
  • Homes for Ukraine
    Many members of our church are in regular contact with refugees fleeing Ukraine. We are receiving news first hand from those experiencing the horrors of the war. It is one thing to read the accounts in a newspaper but it is very different receiving a text message from someone in the country giving eye witness accounts. But, our prayers are being felt. A friend of Veronica’s wrote
  • Message from Father Stephen on the war in Ukraine
    First of all, all of us Orthodox Christians must be deeply ashamed that we find two Orthodox Christian countries fighting each other.  This is a terrible witness to the World. In our community there are Russians, Ukrainians and half Russian, half Ukrainians.  Please do not fall out with each other.  Many, many people will suffer in this war, many of them entirely innocent victims, children, old people,
  • Support for Ukrainian Refugees
    Thank you all so much for your kind donations of items for Ukrainian refugees and of time sorting these before being sent to the Ukrainian border. The organisation that we have been working with – the Shropshire Eastern European Organisation CIC – are now no longer accepting donations at this time. We are now turning our attention to supporting the humanitarian relief effort to resetle Ukrainian refugees
  • The Veneration of the Chains of the Apostle Peter
    Veneration of the Chains of Saint Peter on 16 January VersesWe venerate your honourable bonds O Peter,Release me from the long bonds of my accusations.On the sixteenth I venerate the bonds of Peter. Herod Agrippa, the grandson of Herod the Great and king of the Jews, grew wroth against the Church of Christ, and slew James, the brother of John the Evangelist. Seeing that this pleased the
  • Saint Theodosios the Cenobiarch
    On the eleventh of January, we commemorate our Holy Father Theodosios the Cenobiarch. VersesTheodosios abbot of the common life,As a common monastic you lost your life.On the eleventh the Cenobiarch departed this life. This Saint lived during the times of Emperor Leo the Great (457-474), and reached the times of Emperor Anastasios Dikoros (491-518). He was from a village in Cappadocia called Mogarissus, and was the son
  • Festival of Saint Nicholas
    On 5 December after the Divine Liturgy in Telford there will be a celebration for our father among the saints, Nicholas of Myra the Wonderworker. Family crafts activities | story telling | Saint Nicholas Carols | a visit from Saint Nicholas. Light lunch and loukoumades (Λουκουμάδες) | Christmas Hamper raffle Christmas home decorations for sale | Christmas cards for sale. Don’t forget to bring money for donations

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