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Lent is now over and we now enter the two festive days of the feasts of the rising of Lazarus from the dead and Palm Sunday. These days are the bridge between Lent and Holy Week. The Lord calls Lazarus forth from the tomb and Hades trembles with fear while Mary and Martha and those with them rejoice. On the Lord’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem seated on the foal of an ass the children wave palms and branches and cry: “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosannah in the highest!” Romanos the Melodist composed a beautiful Kontakion for the Feast of the Palms which you can find on our website.

As we enter this most solemn period of the Lord’s saving passion, suffering and death we must prepare ourselves properly to celebrate the joy of the Resurrection. Those of us not able to attend church services because of the Coronavirus should try to carefully study the beautiful hymns and the gospel readings for each day (service texts for Holy Week can be found here). When we are able to we will be broadcasting the services via mixlr.com so that you can listen from home. Those of us that can attend the services should pay particular attention to the words and ask for God’s help to participate in the services with reverence and the fear of God.

Special COVID-19 measures for Holy Week & Pascha

Please may I remind you that if you wish to attend services this week you must book via eventrite. You must read the instructions for attending services during Holy Week and Pascha here.

Supporting our archdiocese

As is customary, at this time of the year we make a special collection for our archdiocese. Our archdiocese supports us with many of the ministries in our community. The work of the archdiocese is increasing with God’s help and with help of communities like ours who continue to support its good works. Please give generously. We will have collection baskets in the church during Holy Week and you can also make a contribution to the archdiocese appeal via our giving page but please make sure that you reference your gift “archdiocese”.

We are hoping to arrange a pastoral visit from the Archbishop soon so that he can tend to his flock in Shrewsbury. When the archbishop visits he is sure to dedicate particular time to meeting and talking with the youth, the young families and the whole congregation of the church.

Help needed

Thank you to all those of you have volunteered your time to help prepare for this Pascha. We still need help with stewarding during services during the week and also to prepare the church for Pascha on Holy Saturday after the morning liturgy.

We also ask that those of you who are preparing for the feast with baking traditional pascha pastries (flaounas etc) or dying red eggs that you please prepare extra and bring these as offerings to be blessed at Holy Pascha so that we may take these to the members of our community who we will be unable to see during Renewal Week: those who are in care homes, those who are particularly vulnerable, those who are sick.

Please email me at info@shrewsburyorthodox.com to offer your help.

Receiving the Bulletin via Whatsapp

If you would like to receive the weekly bulletin direct to your Smartphone via Whatsapp please follow this link from your phone: receive bulletin via Whatsapp.  

Give to Holy Fathers of Nicaea Church today

We are very grateful for the kindness of the people around the world who give to the Church of the Holy Fathers of Nicaea to keep us running on a daily basis. However, to keep us going we still rely on regular donations and that‘s where you can help out!

Fr Dcn Panteleimon

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