Weekly Bulletin | 27 March to 4 April

Schedule of Services The schedule of services for this week is available on our calendar. We will continue to broadcast our services live on when possible. The church is open for public worship under the guidance issued by our archdiocese.  Appeal from the

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Miracle sale of Ptolemaic antiquities for church stuns parishioner!

Ptolemaic beads have recently fetched £9,000 at auction to raise funds for the church after being bought at auction in 1966 for only four pounds. Continue reading

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On keeping God’s commandments

St Theodore the Studite's homily: Catechesis 103: On keeping God’s commandments and the just threat against those who neglect them. Brethren and fathers, God, who fashioned us and brought us out of non-existence into being, has placed us in this life as in a schoolroom to learn to gospel of his kingdom.  Continue reading

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Weekly Bulletin | 21 to 28 March

Schedule of Services The schedule of services for this week is available on our calendar. The New Testament readings and sermon for the Sunday of the Prodigal Son are available on the archdiocese website. We will continue to broadcast our services live

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Icon with relics of venerable Fathers of the Kiev Caves

While in Ukraine in October 2018, Fr Stephen met and concelebrated the Liturgy with Archbishop Jonah Cherepenov of Obukhov, the Abbot of the Trinity Ioninsky Monas-tery, Kiev. Archbishop Jonah generously presented Fr Stephen with six relics from incorrupt saints of

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Weekly Bulletin | 14 March to 20 March

Preparation for Great Lent On the Friday before we start the time of the Triodion and the preparation for Great Lent the Fathers have set us to read the beginning of the second letter of St Peter: “ His divine

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Update on painting of roundels

A selection of photographs showing update on progress on the roundels on the North and South walls of the church. Continue reading

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Archbishop’s Encyclical for the beginning of the Holy & Great Lent 2021

Message of His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas of Thyateira & Great Britain for the beginning of the Holy and Great Lent My son, deprive not the poor of his living,and do not keep needy eyes waiting.Do not grieve the one who

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What Do We Really Believe?

Father Stephen’s weekly Zoom meetings help us to really think about what we believe. They are challenging and stimulating. Often, we literally ‘Zoom in’ on knotty problems in our faith. In this day and age, it is essential that every Orthodox Christian can explain, or in some other way, demonstrate the truth of what we believe. The world today is a market place of beliefs and faiths, whether that faith is in a Muslim or Christian God, or in science. Continue reading

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