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Created on: 18th June 2019


From time to time individuals seek to be received into the Orthodox Church.  Sometimes they will come from a Christian religious background: Charismatic, Methodist, Baptist, Anglican or Roman Catholic. However, they will often have no religious background and will not be baptised.  Once they have attended services for s period and expressed their desire to become Orthodox Christians to the clergy, a programme of instruction and reading will be devised suitable to their needs and gifts.

Weekly Study

There is a continuous programme of study which takes place either on Thursday mornings after the prayer service in church, or on Wednesday evenings, the latter currently arranged as a Zoom meeting.  These are based around a text: the Bible, one of the Church Fathers or an Orthodox devotional text, which are read aloud stimulating questions and discussion.


This was set up early in the present century for adults who want to delve deeper into their Faith.  There are two courses: a general introductory course, currently of one year which leads to the Certificate and a two year course which leads to the Diploma.  Candidates for the Diploma must have attended the Certificate course.  The sessions are held at the Orthodox church in Palfrey, Walsall, and take place on a Saturday once a month for ten months of the year.  It is a full day.

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Today’s Saints

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St. Paul's Letter to the Colossians 4:5-11, 14-18

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Luke 10:16-21

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