Church Extension and Orchard

Created on: 18th June 2019

The church is currently at early design stages of a project to extend the Church of the 318 Godbearing Fathers of Nicaea, Shrewsbury and provide amenity, parking and facilities to help us meet the needs of our church community.

The church community has rapidly grown since the church was bought in 1994 and now we lack the basic amenities we need to function day-to-day. The church development project includes the following elements:

  1. extension to the nave of the church to provide additional worship space;
  2. provision of accessible toilet, storage space, facilities for serving tea and coffee;
  3. amenity space for fellowship and community gatherings;
  4. a safe space for children to play;
  5. facilities for teaching the children;
  6. car parking.

The church appointed architects Donald Insall Associates, specialist heritage architects, to lead the design team in 2020 and they are currently preparing draft plans.

This is a very important project that will ensure our church community can continue to worship at this very important ancient site which has been a place of worship for more than 4,000 years. The community is approaching this carefully given the heritage significance and the proximity the church is to neighbouring residents.

If you would like any more information about this project please use the contact form below. We would be very grateful for any contribution that you can make to this project. You can find out more about ways to give on our Giving page

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