Church Projects

Wall Paintings

In 2012 a wall painting of Christ in Glory was completed on the east wall of the church.  The next phase of iconography in the church is eighteen roundels of saints along the top of the north and south walls.  They will contain busts of saints including local British saints.   

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Church Extension

The community plans to extend the church to make more room. We plan to extend the church to the west. This will provide some additional worship space and provide accessible toilet facilities and storage space. 

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New Land Project

The community urgently needs to provide meeting space, amenity space and parking. In a first step towards this we have recently purchased the land to the south of the church.  Please support this project.

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Hymnography for Local Saints

Very few texts have been written for services to saints of the British Isles.  We are working on writing full akolouthia (hymns for all services) for the saints local to our church. 

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