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Sermon on the Cross

Sermon on the Cross by +Metropolitan Anthony Bloom

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Patriarchal Encyclical for Holy Pascha

Archbishop’s Paschal Encyclical

That this Pascha is a type of the future and eternal Pascha

Brethren and fathers, Lent is already galloping past and the soul rejoices at the imminence of Pascha, because by it it finds rest and is relieved of many toils. Why did this thought sound for me in advance? Because it is as if our whole life directs its reason contemplating the eternal Pascha.

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That we should conduct ourselves in newness of life

St Theodore the Studite: CATECHESIS 40  That we should conduct ourselves in newness of life, just as we promised through the holy Schema.

Brethren and Fathers, just as the hungry long to eat and the thirsty to drink, so we should be enthusiastic to listen to the word of God. For by listening we gain the greatest benefits.

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Homily on the Annunciation by Saint Photios the Great

Photios, Most-blessed Patriarch of Constantinople, Homily delivered on the Annunciation of the Most-Holy Mother of God

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On keeping God’s commandments

St Theodore the Studite’s homily: Catechesis 103: On keeping God’s commandments and the just threat against those who neglect them.

Brethren and fathers, God, who fashioned us and brought us out of non-existence into being, has placed us in this life as in a schoolroom to learn to gospel of his kingdom. 

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Archbishop’s Encyclical for the beginning of the Holy & Great Lent 2021

Archbishop’s Enclyclical for the beginning of Great Lent.

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Catechetical Homily of His All Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew

Catechetical homily at the opening of Holy and Great Lent by His All Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew.

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Why go to church?

The simple answer to this question is “To meet God and share in His Life”. But how does this happen?  Let us start by asking some fundamental questions. What is the Church here for? What is the distinctive and unique function of the Church, that which the Church does, and which nobody and nothing else can do? What task does the Church perform, which cannot be carried out equally well by a youth group, a musical society, an old people’s home, or an ethnic club? What role does the priest fulfil, which cannot be fulfilled by a social worker, a psychotherapist, or a marriage counselor? What holds the Church together and makes it one?

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