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Church Development Projects update

For the last ten years the church of the 318 Godbearing Fathers has been embarking on a project to expand the church to provide better facilities. The main issues the church faces are:

  1. the church is too small for the growing congregation;
  2. the church lacks basic amenity facilities such as a proper toilet, kitchen / serving area for after church fellowship / agape;
  3. the church has no space for fellowship after Sunday Divine Liturgy
  4. the church lacks spaces for teaching of children …

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Orchard Working Party 23 October

The roundels have now been completed

Here you will find photographs of the new roundels in our church that have now been completed.

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Empresses, Abbesses and Martyrs appear on the walls

More updates on the progress of the wall paintings.  Rapid progress is being made on the women saints which have now been completed.  Photographs of progress so far shows saints largely completed.

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Youth club uses Orchard for the first time

When we first used the orchard, it was during mid-March. The children at Varangians were split into small groups. Each group were told to create a specific scene from the bible relating to the cross. Some of us made the three crosses on Golgotha, others made Moses raising his staff to let the Hebrews cross the red Sea.

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Apostles, martyrs and hierarchs appear on our walls

Work is rapidly moving forward on wall paintings on the North and South walls of our beloved church. Apostle Andrew, Emperor Constantine the Great, Cuthbert the Wonderworker, Luke of Simferopol, Oswald the King and Martyr and Alban the Protomartyr of Britain are now nearly complete.

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Update on wall paintings

Latest photographs of the wall paintings 

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To showcase our local saints

Celebrating our local saints

Our community is embarking on a project to collate services of our local saints and with your support compose new hymns for services so that we can give them the veneration that is due for the Glory of God.

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Update on painting of roundels

A selection of photographs showing update on progress on the roundels on the North and South walls of the church.

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Historic church in Shrewsbury welcomes diverse new and holy residents

Read an update on the progress of the wall paintings of 18 roundels of saints.  Also, details of the saints and a short excerpt of the life of the saints.

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