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That this Pascha is a type of the future and eternal Pascha

Brethren and fathers, Lent is already galloping past and the soul rejoices at the imminence of Pascha, because by it it finds rest and is relieved of many toils. Why did this thought sound for me in advance? Because it is as if our whole life directs its reason contemplating the eternal Pascha.

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That we should conduct ourselves in newness of life

St Theodore the Studite: CATECHESIS 40  That we should conduct ourselves in newness of life, just as we promised through the holy Schema.

Brethren and Fathers, just as the hungry long to eat and the thirsty to drink, so we should be enthusiastic to listen to the word of God. For by listening we gain the greatest benefits.

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What Do We Really Believe?

Father Stephen’s weekly Zoom meetings help us to really think about what we believe. They are challenging and stimulating. Often, we literally ‘Zoom in’ on knotty problems in our faith. In this day and age, it is essential that every Orthodox Christian can explain, or in some other way, demonstrate the truth of what we believe.  The world today is a market place of beliefs and faiths, whether that faith is in a Muslim or Christian God, or in science.

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Religious Education Lectures

Scripture Study via Zoom

As meetings are currently prohibited we have started having scripture study by video conferencing.  Each Wednesday at 7pm we meet for study of scripture.  We are due to start looking at Apostles and the Church which is the subject of the second appendix of the Eastern Orthodox Bibile (EOB).

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