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Oswald, Martyr and King of Northumbria

5 August When Oswald  became the first Christian king of Northumbria he sought the aid of the monks of Iona, the disciples of Columba, for the conversion of the Saxons of the North.    A monk called Aidan was sent by

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Celebrating the finding of Saint Milburga’s relics

On 25 February, a little less than a thousand years ago, the holy relics of Saint Milburga, Abbess of Wenlock, were rediscovered by boys playing on the site of the church dedicated to the Holy Trinity. They had been lost

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Orthodox Crossing: An Already Nostalgia

‘I used to do the bins around here,’ I said to my 11 year old daughter as we made a steady approach towards the serpentine village of Pen-y-Bont-Fawr; a passing on our way to St Melangell’s Church. My daughter took

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