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Pilgrimage to shrine of Saint Melangell

On 27 May we will make pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint Melangell

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To showcase our local saints

Celebrating our local saints

Our community is embarking on a project to collate services of our local saints and with your support compose new hymns for services so that we can give them the veneration that is due for the Glory of God.

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St. Cuthbert Wonderworker of Britain

What St. Cuthbert can teach the modern inhabitants of Britain

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Feast of Saint Alkmund of Derby

Today we commemorate Saint Alchmund of Derby. Saint Alchmund’s church in Shrewsbury is dedicated to the saint possibly because his relics were brought here by Queen Aethelflaed’s to save them from the invading Danes.

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Milburga, Saint of Wenlock

On Tuesday 23 February we commemorate our venerable mother, Milburga, princess and abbess of Much Wenlock.  We celebrated the Divine Liturgy for the feast with appropriate solemnity.  Milburga is one of our patron saints as our church was once part of the the estate of St Milburga’s abbey in Much Wenlock. 

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