The Epitaphios

The Epitaphios is an ornate embroidered icon depicting the body of Christ laying on the Tomb. The word Epitaphios comes from a Greek expression meaning “on the tomb” (= επί του τάφου).  On the Epitaphios, Christ can be alone, or

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The Repose of St. John the Theologian According to His Disciple Prochorus

The Translation of St. John the Theologian (Feast Day – September 26th) VersesStanding beside the beloved Word of the Father,Is he who was beloved more than all of the disciples.On the twenty sixth the child of thunder departed unto God.

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Archdiocese 2023 Paschal Appeal

The Services of the Passion and Tasks for Holy Week

Please help us to prepare for the Feast of Feasts Preparations are well underway for the Feast of Feasts, Christ’s Holy Resurrection. Help is needed with the following Tasks: Place no-Parking cones along Dove Close before the services on Thursday

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An Interpretation of the Hymnography of Matins on Holy Tuesday

By Dr. Michael Koutsos Plagal of the Fourth Tone Behold, the Bridegroom is coming in the middle of the night, and blessed is the servant whom He finds watching. And again unworthy is he whom he shall find careless. See to it, my

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Holy and Great Monday

By Archimandrite Epiphanios Theodoropoulos On Great Monday, we commemorate the virtuous Joseph (son of the patriarch Jacob and grandson of Abraham), a type of our Lord Jesus Christ. Joseph, the beloved son of his father, was at first thrown into

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Programme for Holy and Great Week

Christ is risen! To all those attending the Midnight service for Holy and Great Pascha (15/16 April) there is no parking on the road leading to the church (Dove Close).  There is parking on Sutton Road and other kerbside parking

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Icon showing raising of Lazarus

Synaxarion for the Saturday of Lazarus

By Nikephoros Kallistos Xanthopoulos On this day, the Saturday before Palm Sunday, we celebrate the Raising of Lazarus, the holy and righteous friend of Christ, who lay for four days in the tomb. Verses Thou lamentest, O Jesus: this belongeth

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Synaxarion for Palm Sunday

On this day, the Sunday of Palms, we celebrate the radiant and glorious Feast of the Entry of our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. Verses Sitting on a foal, He Who stretched out the Heavens By a word seeketh to

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The Akathistos Hymn 2023

On the evening of the 31 March the service of Compline with the Akathistos Hymn and canon of the Akathist was celebrated with great solemnity in at the church of the 318 Holy Fathers in Shrewsbury. The hymns were chanted

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