Weekly Bulletin | 27 March to 4 April

Schedule of Services

The schedule of services for this week is available on our calendar. We will continue to broadcast our services live on mixlr.com when possible.

The church is open for public worship under the guidance issued by our archdiocese

Appeal from the Shrewsbury Ark

Appeal! The Shrewsbury Ark is requesting food donations that can be made with limited or no cooking equipment. Miso soups, porridge pots, pot noodles, rice pouches etc etc. Please bring with you to church this Sunday.

News and Announcements

  • Annual St Nicholas Festival – 3 December 2023
    Our annual Saint Nicholas Festival will take place after the Divine Liturgy on 3 December at the Serbian Church in Telford. This festival, occurring annually on the first Sunday in December, has become one of our most popular events of the year for our children. Saint Nicholas visits each year to give the children presents, much
  • Winefrid, virgin martyr and abbess of Gwytherin
    Read about the life of Saint Winefrid and her importance for the town of Shrewsbury Continue reading
  • Eata, bishop of Hexham
    26 October Saint Eata was a native of Northumbria and was probably born in the reign of King Oswald.  He was one of the original twelve pupils of St Aidan at Lindisfarne. Around the year 640 Saint Aidan founded a monastery on land beskde the River Tweed, which today is known as Old Melrose.  In
  • Sermon on the Cross by Metropolitan Anthony
    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We have been keeping these days the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. There is a passage in the Gospel in which the Lord says to us, “No one has greater love than he who gives his life for his neighbor.” And
  • Oswald, Martyr and King of Northumbria
    5 August When Oswald  became the first Christian king of Northumbria he sought the aid of the monks of Iona, the disciples of Columba, for the conversion of the Saxons of the North.    A monk called Aidan was sent by the community of Iona to assist Oswald in the summer of 635.  He gave Aidan
  • The visit of His Grace Bishop Maximos of Melitene and fundraising BBQ
    On Sunday, July 9, 2023, His Grace Bishop Maximos of Melitene presided at Matins and celebrated the Divine Liturgy. The Very Reverend Protopresbyter Stephen Maxfield and Presbyter Panteleimon Maxfield, and Presbyter David Walker served with His Grace. To mark His Grace’s visit, The Church of the 318 Holy Fathers chose to celebrate by holding their
  • Visit of His Grace Bishop Maximos of Melitene
    On Sunday 9 July, His Grace Bishop Maximos of Melitene will make a pastoral visit to the Church of the 318 Holy Fathers. His Grace will preside at Matins at 9 a.m. and the Divine Liturgy. All are encouraged to come and welcome our local Assistant Bishop of the Midlands into the midst of our
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